A Timeline of the Church

This page is a brief introduction to the more than two thousand years of Church history. First a high level timeline of the past two thousand years of the Church and then pages more broken down by the centuries.

First Century

1 ad – 100 ad

In the first Century Christ is born, lives, dies and rises from the dead. The apostles he called begin to build a Church centered around Jesus and his teachings.

Second Century

100 AD – 200 AD

Persecution breaks out against the new religion called christianity yet the Church grows. The Apostles found churches all over the Roman Empire and choose their successors.

Third Century

200 AD – 300 AD

Martyrdom is a very real possibility for anyone claiming to be a christian yet this does not dissuade thousands from following Christ and joining the church.

Fourth – Seventh Centuries

300 AD – 600 AD

Christianity is legal in the Empire and the Church is finally able to assemble without fear of persecution. Various heresies are fought against and the Church continues to spread.