About The Author

I am no expert. I am NOT a pastor, priest, theologen, PHD or an authority of any kind.

I am simply a seeker of truth, always striving towards a better understanding of myself, my God and everything in between. I have read the bible, commentaries and sermons. I’ve read the writings of other religions, philosophy and science. Again, I am no authority in any of these things. I only have my opinion and experience. It is my desire to share some of the things that have made an impact in my journey.

I spend most of my day in front of a computer pretending (shhh, don’t tell my boss) to be a computer programmer. When I clock out from my day job I strive to be a good father to my son and a worthy husband to my wife, both of whom have challenging personal conditions. I love fixing things, cooking, reading, Sci-Fi of all kinds and just chilling with my fam. I pride myself (too much most of the time) in trying anything and always being down to DIY.

I was raised in an extreamly abusive family with parents who were professing fundementalist Christians. I have struggled with additcion and substance abuse since my early adult hood. I have struggled with my faith, untangling what I believe from how I was raised, often alterating between stagnant and turbulant. By the Grace of God today I am still with my wonderful family, sober and drawing closer to Christ than ever before.

The content of most of these pages represent things that have helped me form a deeper connection to my faith and a new way of seeing God that has had a profound impact on my life.